Cq 002 home business assessment

Cq 002 home business assessment also confirmed, both Gerindra faction in the city council and the city Gerindra DPD nor have much less scolded

Cq 002 home business assessment reprimand.”We never reprimand Mr. Vice Governor, instead we support all of its policies. And of DPP Gerindra

also no official reprimand,”Sanusi said.

In fact, Sanusi continued, all the policies that have come out in the future leadership of Jokowi – Ahok, Fraction

Gerindra always supported, including street vendors and controlling the sterilization is regarded as unpopular


“Because the policy is issued so to change the attitude of people, that is with law enforcement, sense of fairness

and consistency. Throughout it done Mr. Vice Governor, we support,”said Sanusi.

Crime scene ( TKP ) Holy murder Angela Ayu Winanti ( 37 ) The Ebony Tower Sky View Apartment City, Tuesday (

03/12/2013 ) this morning surrounded by police line. This was done for sterilization in wife ‘s murder reconstruction

siri Billy Supartono.